11:54pm, 21st Sep 2021
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  • Listing Location: Wellington
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  • Listed By: Nicx
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We are Electric Tapestry - three dads, early 40's, keen to make some music on weekends and maybe play some more parties, BBQs and a professional gig or two.

The band needs a drummer to make us complete. Everyone in the band is a multi-instrumentalist, so if you play a bit of guitar, bass or keyboards (or sing) then we can swap instruments for songs.

We play original music that we write and rehearse in our jam space, which has a PA for multiple singers, and we already have a pretty good '60's sounding drumkit for you. We're up for covers, but so far we have been more interested in getting our ideas out.

Weekends are best for jamming - Saturday or Sunday, day or night, we can work something out.

Here is our Youtube channel with rehearsals, a party we played at and a few other things.


Got an EP coming out this year with a friend already in another band playing drums for us, but we are keen to record another one ASAP as we have heaps of songs.

Our influences include: Straitjacket Fits, Deerhunter, Radiohead, 3Ds, Chilli Peppers, Pink Floyd, The Chills, Van Halen, Metallica, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, The Strokes, REM, The Cure, The Stones, GodSpeedYouBlackEmperor!, Oasis, etc....


Contact Nick on nclbug@gmail.com or 021 023 70670





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