03:17pm, 4th Jul 2020
  • Listing Type: Musicians Wanted
  • Category: Guitarist
  • Listing Location: Tasman
  • Wanted or Available: Wanted
  • Listed By: twwalsh
  • Listing ID: 683

Want to meet like minded musicians keen on jamming, perhaps even with the intention of playing live if all goes well. 

Covers are fun, creating originals even better. 

I play guitar, a decent backing vocalist, basic keys and a good sense of rhythm. 

Music influcences are varied, but would list top 10ish as Radiohead, Zeppelin, Dylan, Young, Beatles, Jack White, Tool, Blur, Clapton, Death Cab for Cutie, Wilco, RATM & Hendrix...  There are so, so many others. I just want to play music with guys who love music.

Alt, Grunge, Heavy, Indy, Acoustic, Blues, Rock...

I have a good garage space free to use, out in mapua area with no close neighbours to get annoyed. I'm not trained, but have played music all my life and have a good ear. Played in bands before, mostly as lead guitar, but totaly fine playing rhythm.

Message me if you play any instrument and some of those artists I listed are in your musical world. 



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