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Buy, Sell, List & Find Everything Music in One Space.



Our Advantages:


 It's FREE to list all your products and services! 

Basic listings are all free on Jam Space. You can also boost your ad and cut through the competition by paying to upgrade your listing. We charge a very modest success fee of 3% incl. GST for all 'Buy Now' applicable items sold on Jam Space. The amount will be dedcuted from you Jam Space account automatically once sold. You can then just top up your account in your 'My Jams' page as you go to keep using Jam Space. 


Advertise to your target market.

Jam Space is the only website whose demographics are 100% your target market all day, every day. The website only features products and services in the music industry meaning that you are already in the right place, and in front of the right people.


Everything music in one space!

We have created an online marketplace where you can sell instruments and gear. List tuition lessons or tertiary music courses. Provide a community to find band mates and musicians. List your recording studios and rehearsal venues. Advertise as a support act and play gigs! We look forward to helping you reach all your music business goals and needs.


Do it yourself!

Jam space is a user friendly, self-promoting platform where you create and design your own listings, plus edit and manage them with your free Jam Space account.  Sign up now!


Support locally. 

Jam Space is 100% Kiwi owned and operated. We aim to help grow the businesses and community within the music industry of Aotearoa. We believe in the power of music and appreciate the people and businesses within it. This is the reason we have decided to build a platform that will help our music industry thrive. 


Start Jamming!