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Simple. Accurate. Affordable.

Representing Vox's first foray into the world of pedal tuners, the VXT-1 Strobe Tuner hits the nail right on the head. It features the accuracy of a traditional strobe tuner without the steep price and bulky housing. It has a high-visibility diamond-shaped LED display with the note name displayed prominently in the center. It has an ultra-accurate display that can achieve a tuning accuracy of ±0.02 cents. This level of accuracy is equal to the accuracy of the original 12-wheel mechanical strobe tuner. You can choose between three main tuning modes — Strobe, Diamond, and Vertical — so you can tune in whatever way makes the most sense to you. The tuner also has a buffered DC output that enables it to power other pedals in your signal chain. The Vox VXT-1 is a stompbox-sized tuner that offers unbeatable accuracy that will keep you perfectly in tune every time you hit the stage.

Ultra-accurate Strobe mode

Traditional strobe tuners utilize mechanical wheels and flashing lights to display the pitch of your instrument. While it's incredibly accurate, it can get confusing quickly. The VXT-1's strobe mode operates on the same principles that a strobe tuner does, but it uses the smooth LED display to do so. The diamond-shaped meter rotates clockwise when your pitch is sharp, and counter-clockwise when you're flat. When the display stops moving, you're perfectly in tune. Strobe mode functions as a search-and-destroy for the smallest of pitch inaccuracies. For ultra-high-precision tuning, Sweetwater recommends that you use Strobe mode.


Traditional Diamond mode

In Diamond mode, The VXT-1 functions like a traditional pedalboard tuner. When the LED is at the left corner, that note is flat. If the LEDs make their way to the right corner, you've gone sharp. When the top angle is lit and the blue LED comes on, you're perfectly in tune.

Super simple Vertical mode

Vertical mode is similar to diamond mode. When the top half of the diamond is lit, you're sharp. When the bottom half is illuminated, you've gone flat. When you get the left and right angles of the diamond to light up and the blue LED comes on, your axe is in tune and ready to rock out.

Offset tuning modes

The VXT-1 tuner offers 10 offset tuning modes to tune to different scales. It allows harmonious resonances for your specific instrument. Offset tuning mode offers chromatic tuning, tuning for electric and acoustic guitars, and bass guitars. It also offers open tunings (D, E, G, and A) as well as DADGAD. For the most effective results, Vox recommends that you use the strobe display mode while tuning in Offset mode.


Vox VXT-1 Strobe Tuner Pedal Features:

  • ±0.02 cent accuracy keeps you perfectly in tune
  • Stompbox-sized tuner easily fits on your pedalboard
  • High-visibility display is easy to read onstage
  • Strobe mode identifies and helps eliminate all pitch inconsistencies
  • Diamond mode offers a more traditional tuner feel
  • Vertical mode clearly shows you if you're sharp or flat
  • True Bypass circuitry won't interfere with your signal
  • DC output powers other pedals in the effects chain
  • Offset tuning modes make it easy to tune to obscure tunings

Tech Specs

  • Type:Chromatic
  • Format:Pedal
  • Display Type:LED
  • Reference Pitch:A4 = 436-445Hz, A440
  • Tuning Range:E0-C8 (20.6-4186Hz)
  • Accuracy:± 0.02 cent
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4" (instrument)
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4" (thru)
  • Bypass Switching:True Bypass
  • Power Supply:9V DC power supply In/Out (sold separately)
  • Power Usage:20mA
  • Batteries:1 x 9V battery
  • Height:2.09"
  • Depth:4.72"
  • Width:2.56"
  • Weight:0.68 lbs. (including battery)
  • Manufacturer Part Number:VXT1

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