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<p>Since its appearance in the &rsquo;70s, the ARP 2600 has been featured in countless records, films, tv shows and game soundtracks, becoming the sonic representation of that era. It was the first synth to be semi-modular, with a selection of basic components pre-wired, with clear labels on parameters and clarity on the connection flowing between them.</p> <p>KORG is reviving this legendary synth with the ARP 2600 M, making it 60% of its original size for a compact and portable finish, with new features to make this classic even more timeless.</p> <p>The analogue components are untouched in this reissue, effectively recreating the original sound and feel. Moreover, the spring reverb has been adapted to the new size to give a lush final touch to your sound.&nbsp;</p> <h4>FROM THE 70s WITH AN EVERGREEN SOUND</h4> <p>The Arp 2600 M is the loyal recreation of the Arp 2600, designed and made in Japan,&nbsp; featuring the original all-analogue circuitry adapted to the new portable size, maintaining this synth&rsquo;s signature sound.&nbsp;</p> <p>The newly added features, such as USB and MIDI connectivity, make it a must-have in your studio setup. The resolution of the envelope has been improved and the synth includes two filters as opposed to one.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>The ARP 2600 M is a real sound design laboratory, representing a bridge between modular synthesis and a production/performance instrument.</p> <h4>LET&rsquo;S GET MODULAR</h4> <p>The ARP 2600 M provides all the necessary building blocks of modular synthesis. Starting from a set of 3 oscillators, you&rsquo;ll be able to combine sawtooth, dynamic pulse, sine and triangular waves. For further variation, harness envelopes, a filter and an amplifier step in to shape the sound.&nbsp;</p> <p>Borrowing from its &lsquo;70s ancestor, it also features some of the classic characteristics of a modular synth, such as ring modulation, lag and voltage processors, an envelope follower, a clock-able switch, noise source, a sample-and-hold module, signal inverters, an auxiliary mixer, and even a set of parallel-wired/multi jacks.</p> <h4>FEATURES:</h4> <ul class="bulleted-list"> <li>Legendary ARP 2600 revival, in a more compact and portable size</li> <li>Monophonic all-analogue semi-modular synthesiser with 3 oscillators</li> <li>Featuring the 4012 and 4072 filter types from the original ARP 2600, now with DIN MIDI In&nbsp;</li> <li>Pitch-bend, Modulation and Portamento ON/OFF controllable through MIDI CC messages</li> <li>Normalised voltage (5V) to make it easier to use with external gear such as Volcas and Eurorack Modules</li> <li>Compatible with MIDI controllers, like KORG Nanokeys and Microkeys, via USB port</li> <li>Improved Attack and Release time ratios</li> <li>L/R Stereo Output Jack (instead of XLR)</li> <li>Smoother sliders</li> </ul> <h4>The all NEW Korg SQ-64&nbsp;</h4> <p>The compact Korg SQ-64 Polyphonic Sequencer is the feature-packed hardware sequencer your synthesizer rig has been waiting for. Equipped with a 64-pad sequence matrix, the SQ-64 gives you four sequencer tracks to command your synths, drum machines, and Eurorack modules via Gate, CV, and MIDI. You can also use the matrix pads in keyboard mode to capture your playing in the sequence. Use it as the master clock for your synth rig, or sync it to your clock of choice via MIDI or audio sync. Whether you're producing in your studio, or performing live onstage, the Korg SQ-64 Polyphonic Sequencer provides the hands-on, instrument-like experience that hardware sequencers excel at.</p> <h4>Features:</h4> <ul class="webtext-block--colcount"> <li>64-step, 4-part polyphonic step sequencer with MIDI and CV outputs</li> <li>Dual MIDI outputs for sequencing MIDI synths and drum machines, plus MIDI input for external control</li> <li>CV outputs for Mod, Pitch, and Gate support all common modular voltage standards, and can be re-biased for uncommon voltage needs</li> <li>3 sequence tracks support up to 8-note polyphony each</li> <li>Fourth D-Sub track supports up to 8 MIDI notes and 8 CV "notes" for monophonic sequencing of drum parts</li> <li>Per-step Probability gives you control over how often that step is active, for ever-changing sequences</li> <li>Sync with your other gear via MIDI or Audio Sync I/O</li> <li>Perform and record your sequences in real time with Keyboard mode</li> <li>Save up to 64 projects, each with up to 16 different patterns for each sequencer track</li> <li>Tempo range: 30&ndash;300 bpm</li> </ul>

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