11:11pm, 14th Jul 2024
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  • Category: Drummer
  • Listing Location: Canterbury
  • Wanted or Available: Wanted
  • Listed By: Garith
  • Listing ID: 13326

Hey am learning to play guitar and have written the start of a few songs, really need a drummer to take to next level and need someone to jam with, also looking for a bass player and misc other instruments like a harmonica (empathy) or an accordion etc (deluded).



Here are the songs I've currently written, 





Check out PUR:ge* // Poetry & Power chords LP sampler on #SoundCloud


Drums will play a major part in our sound and will sound really good next to my simple pop esq riffs....

Contact me if interested...


- Garith


A female.energy would.be great for the band but will be wrapped just to jam at this stage....








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