10:34pm, 14th Jul 2024
  • Listing Type: Musicians Wanted
  • Category: Bass Player
  • Listing Location: Canterbury
  • Wanted or Available: Wanted
  • Listed By: Erwin drum
  • Listing ID: 13387
Hey there, Jesse Bruce and I (Erwin) are still looking to have an awesome Bass player join our band [LIONIZED](https://www.facebook.com/groups/948084251930444/user/100089191157873/?__cft__[0]=AZVVIvUQwTvR0ESdHnTysMef4WwUb58WinEilxEzlgvNWuLKLREUVahNFRprSc--hU3rMnCh2d0kYDtp0BGyVowrnop2hy_uefrTiZN1GLM8ZGBB1sYAxBP_HP1zXadT3U3MYzR0quZ2zO5IfwKzkO_7&__tn__=-]K-R).  We have been going as a 2 piece band since our inception december 2021 and have been trying to refine our sound with both recording and on stage/practise room to sound as big as we can get. We ended up coming to the decision that adding a proper bass player to the line up will help the band flourish more with more integrity in the low end and allow for more creativity for the band. We have songs put together and quite a few jams to reference back to. We are definitely going for a heavy rock sound with cool melodic stuff. Some influences of ours are Soundgarden, Shihad, Deftones, Kyuss and more. So definitely a grunge spin with a hard edge and catchy riffs. Ideally we'd like a bass player who is competent on their instrument with good equipment, and if you can sing some bv’s that would be a big plus.
Also to be upfront we would be wanting to have some songs out this year, either an ep or at least some singles. Gigs here locally with also a few gigs out of Christchurch.  We would be looking at trying to make something of it.  We also have a fully kitted out practise space, pa, mixers mics etc that we share with Sovereign (Erwin plays in both bands). We also use in ear monitors and will want you to also, we can lend some initially but would later have you buy your own. We'd also have you contribute to rent for the practise space once confirmed as a member ($34 a month)
Here’s a folder for you to hear some of our stuff and see what we are doing sound wise.  If interested please send us a message to our FB page.


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