08:16pm, 16th Apr 2024
  • Listing Type: Musicians Wanted
  • Category: Guitarist
  • Listing Location: Canterbury
  • Wanted or Available: Available
  • Listed By: fgbarluado
  • Listing ID: 13581

Hi I'm Fitz! I'm very new here in New Zealand. All my gears are left back in the Philippines, but I'll surely be acquiring new rigs again here soon.

Just trying any possibility to join a band who's currently gigging to earn extra on weekends. I'm a family man with three kids. I have a regular office job from Monday to Friday. In the meantime if you have an electric guitar and some effects pedals I can borrow unitl I'll be able to acquire my own, that would be great. I can play almost any genre. I will only need a little time to listen and practice if you have set list of songs already (cover or original indie) or add random guitar solo on your songs.

I'm linking a video of my frustrated youtube channel.

Flick me an email if you feel I can be of good chemistry with your band fitzbarluado.fcre@gmail.com




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