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You can hire backline from The Rock Factory in Auckland.

Band Backline Hire  including Guitars and Guitar Amps:

Types include Marshall JCM series, Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, Mesa Boogie and Marshall 4×12 Guitar cabinets, Fender and Vox combo Amplifier, Hotrod, Deluxe, Deville, Twins and AC30.  
Types of Guitars you can hire include Epiphone Les Paul Guitar, Gibson SG, 1 x Fender Acoustic Guitar 
Band backline - bass amplifiers for hire.
Bass Rigs. Ampeg SVT - Classic and Vintage Reissue all tube amplifier heads, 8×10 bass cabinet, 4×10 bass cabinet.
Types of Bass guitars you can hire include Fender Jazz Bass, Ibanez Cimar PJ Bass Guitar (Fender P Bass shape).

Backline Hire – Drum Kits:
Pearl Reference drum kit and Gretsch Renown (All Maple) drum kit.
The kits come with 4 boom stands ,1 hi-hat stand ,1 kick pedal ,Drum stool.

Cymbal sets available for hire include Anatolian Cymbals and Ziljian A Custom cymbals.

Snares include Pearl Reference snare and Gretsch Maple Renown snare.
Backline Hire – Keyboard for hire include Korg Triton Pro-X keyboard (88 weighted keys), Nord Stage 2 HA88 keyboard (88 Hammer Action keys), Roland RD 800 keyboard (88 weighted keys), Roland KC-350 , 4 channel keyboard amplifier, Keyboard stands.
Backline Hire – Percussion: Congas, Tambourine, Cowbell Egg shaker.
Backline Hire – DJ Gear availablr for hire include Pioneer DJM600 4 ch DJ Mixer, Pioneer DJM800 4 ch DJ Mixer, Pioneer CDJ1000MK3 DJ CD Player, Pioneer CDJ2000 and CDJ2000 Nexus - CD and Multimedia Player, Technics 1200 or 1210 Turntables, DJ Tables and latop stands.

Wireless microphones, beltpacks, headsets and lapel microphones.

Backline Accessories: Guitar stands, Bar stools, Music stands, Microphone stands, DIs, Sustain pedals (on request).


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