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The magic that is made when a band jams together or when a singer songwriter gets the perfect mood is what Roundhead understands. This magic flows through the design in their studios to capture these perfect moments.  Roundhead is a studio shaped by musicians for musicians. All it’s elements were carefully crafted to ensure that musical creativity is always the focus. 

Whether it’s your first time in the studio, or if you call the control room home, we guarantee you’ll be impressed by Roundhead’s unique comfort and character.  Facilities to record a simple vocal melody to a full orchestra, knowledge of capturing the energy of a live performance or producing a complete album, Roundhead has the people, spaces, equipment and experience to make it happen perfectly.  

Studio A  To put it simply, Studio A is just a beautiful place to make music. This is a studio oozing with character; built from head to toe with musicians in mind, created to help them focus on what they do best, play.  Roundhead’s Studio A features a “must see” lighting concept to create the perfect ambiance. And while it can easily boast being one of the quietest rooms in New Zealand, it is a fully customizable acoustic space, with variable surfaces, curtains and wooden louvers to add richness to sound.  Recording in Roundhead‘s Studio A will take you on a journey. You’ll follow in the footsteps of The Who, Joan Jett, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Jeff Buckley, REM and Alice Cooper – all of who have used Studio A’s Neve 8088 to capture an outstanding moment in their musical careers. 

Studio B  Studio B, or now known as the Brick Room, is no poor sibling to the grand old Studio A. It provides a more intimate feel, with an underground club-like ambiance that will reach out to your creativity.  This wicked space has been used for live to air performances, album recordings and launches, as well as songwriting sessions. It is an exemplary complementary space to Studio A.

"There is no studio in the world more thoughtfully put together and accommodating than Roundhead. Great gear, great vibe, great people, what else could anyone need?" - Jeff Tweedy 


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  • Absolutely one of the best recording studios on the planet! Jeremy and his team are very talented at what they do. Highly recommend!

    NM2 Fri 17 Mar