02:49am, 18th Jul 2019
  • Listing Type: Record & Rehearse
  • Category: Rehearse
  • Listing Location: Auckland
  • Record or Rehearse: Record
  • Listed By: Kevin Crossley
  • Listing ID: 384
Asking Price: $ 35.00
per Hour
A comfortable space out in the country, dedicated to multitrack recording of a full band.  The room is 40' x 30' with a full width 18' deep stage complete with lights.  Full 16' x 9' rear wall for video projection -  Modest facilities for refreshment preparation includes a beer fridge. A full-size billiard table is included for recreation during session breaks.   A Mac Pro ProTools rig plus surround-sound PA using all Tannoy Reference speakers.  Two separate PAs: one with JBL EONs for on-stage monitoring and the other  Bose LS Model 1S column with B2 Sub box.  4 different headphone mixes available with an array of Shure, AKG and MXL mics. Keyboards include a Kurzweil 2500 and a Roland keytar.



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