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  • Listing Type: Record & Rehearse
  • Category: Record
  • Listing Location: Auckland
  • Record or Rehearse: Record
  • Listed By: Soundkard Productions
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  • Listing ID: 460

Stand out with that professional sound for your next demo, single or EP.

Soundkard Production offers professional recording and mixing services at a reasonable budget-friendly rate. The project studio is based in South Auckland and is equipped with pro quality microphones, preamps, and select instruments and amps. We deal with all musical genres. So when your songs are ready, let us help you bring out the best of your tracks. Email us at soundkard.recordings@gmail.com for all inquiries. Cheers.

Website: http://www.soundkard.co.nz/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/soundkard/
IG: soundkard_productions


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