04:35am, 17th Jul 2019
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Thanks to everyone who replied.  We've auditioned and found a new singer.  

Hi ya.  We are an established covers band looking for a new singer.  We have tended to play rock covers but have been known to stray into other genres.  The singer of course would have a big part to play in song choice. 

We've been together for a few years and are in this for the fun of music more than anything else.  We have regularly played open mic nights and charity gigs and although we wouldn't rule out paid gigs it hasn't been a big driver to this point.  The main thing is to keep out there playing in front of an audience.  

We try to rehearse once a week (though don't always succeed) and have a practice space in Johnsonville that we share the cost of of (about $30 - $40 a time split 4 - 5 ways).  

Send me a message if you are interested or know someone who might be.  I can then send you links to our Facebook page, videos and the song list that we've done.  

Jeff 027 4305239 



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