10:11am, 26th Jun 2019
  • Listing Type: Musicians Wanted
  • Category: Drummer
  • Listing Location: Auckland
  • Wanted or Available: Wanted
  • Listed By: NM2
  • Listing ID: 7353

We are looking for a solid drummer and experienced bass player to form a metal band!  We are looking for people who don't want to just play in a a garage. We are keen to SELL shows and create music with groove and hooks. 

We are essentially making music that is heavy but has wicked breakdowns, attacking riffs, guitar harmonies, a great bass tone, technical but catchy drums, good vocal melodies with a bit of screaming here and there. Keen to create a new sound that will tickle all metal heads fancy but also catch a chunk of mainstream or rock audience too. As in, we need some singles to be radio friendly!

Ideal bass player has his own rig and can do some back up vocals (screams or clean).

Ideal drummer plays live to a click track and is slightly OCD. 

Hit us up.




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