03:23am, 18th Jul 2019
  • Listing Type: Musicians Wanted
  • Category: Drummer
  • Listing Location: Auckland
  • Wanted or Available: Available
  • Listed By: Ry
  • Listing ID: 7366


I'm looking to join or form a band. I'm into.alsorts and will consider anything as long as there is passion and dedication. I dont really like to make comparisons but to give an idea of my influences, it ranges from.... A perfect circle, rancid, R*H*C*P, Highly Suspect to...John buttler trio, The interpreters,Bob and so many more. I've played in punk, rock, alternative and reggae dub bands.  I do work big hours but I also put everything into a project when inspired. The aim is to not work big hours and have more time for what I love! Anyway, if anyone is keen to talk and share ideas, hit me up.



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