04:41pm, 14th Oct 2019
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Hi all,

I'm looking for someone to primarily jam and sing with. I just moved back to Christchurch so have only been playing by myself. In my late early 30's and am only playing it as a hobby, because I enjoy it so much. Previously, I have been jamming and playing on the streets of Berlin. A bar owner heard us and invited to play at his bar. Got free drinks so we were happy. 

Skill-wise, I know most chords, am aware of the 4 chord songs, and can more or less play songs if I am shown the chords. I have just started to get into soloing, which largely seems based on knowing which scales to play. Taste-wise, I think I am very flexible. I enjoy a blues jam as well as singing the latest pop songs. I have recently been learning Spanish scales, which also sounds very nice. But ultimately, more of a second guitarist and singer than the main guitarist. 

If I sound like someone you would be interested in playing together with, hit me up on 021 112 7740, let's have a jam session, and then we can progress from there. :)


Looking forward,




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