02:20am, 5th Aug 2020
  • Listing Type: Record & Rehearse
  • Category: Record
  • Listing Location: Bay of Plenty
  • Record or Rehearse: Record
  • Listing ID: 7496

Our control room is a moderately sized 4.5m x 6m room with a vaulted roof. It houses the vintage Soundtracs 24:8:2 console and Samplitude based recording gear. We have a selection of valve and solid state mic pres from Drawmer, Joe Meek, TL Audio and ART, plus an Avalon U5 DI.

Monitoring is courtesy of a set of the awesome Trident HG3s or Auratone Cubes. The warm cosy room is supplemented with bass traps, comfy sofa, interesting reading material and great art.



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