01:48pm, 4th Jul 2020
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  • Listing Location: Auckland
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Hey there everyone reading this! As you can probably guess, I’m looking for people to form a band with me from Auckland/North Shore/Up North (I’m based in Red Beach).

I’ve always loved listening to rock music, growing up in a home that listens to it 24/7. I’ve been playing an instrument ever since I was young, and have been a member of many bands since I was 11.

However, I was always limited to my instrument, so a while ago I took up the bass in hopes of one day being able to find like minded people who want to go out there, write songs and perform as an original band.

Whilst I don’t necessarily have tons of experience on bass, I am however an experienced composer and musician, and believe I can write pieces for our band alongside others.

With that being said, I’m looking for people in their late teens/early twenties (any gender) who read this article and thought “man, that sounds freaking sweet”. If you’re interested in forming a band with me, text me at 027 302 2444. Thank you!!



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