01:38am, 5th Aug 2020
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per Hour

Hi there,

I am currently travelling in New Zealand and am based in Wellington for a while.

I am offering assistance to anyone looking to begin electronic music production, improve their workflow or get out of a creative rut. You don't need a lot to make creative music. I don't make music to genres and have spent more time working on being inspired by any sound, rhythm or texture. Learning the basics of the software, introduction to music theory and techniques can take a lot of the frustration from beginning a path of production. 

I am self taught over the last 5 years, love learning and doing my own research which has given me the ability to simplify and problem solve my own way through the process. 

I prefer to work in Ableton but have some experience with Logic, Cubase and Fruityloops too. I can help you choose basic outboard gear, monitor/headphone setups, keyboards, synthesizers and guitars, plugins etc. I have been playing guitar since a teen and happy to teach too. 

I will help you create track templates to quickly being your ideas into fruition, mixing templates. 

-Idea generation to begin songs.

-Music theory, chord progresions, harmony, melodies and arrangements. 

-Drum theory

-Sampling and chopping.

-Synthesizer theory. 

-Effects and Mixing.

-Getting past creative blocks.


Can start from the basics or give me a direction you would like to head and I can tailor instruction. 

$25/hr at your place if local in Wellington.


Here are some examples I have made. They were made on a laptop only and cheap headphones, no midi keyboard, with mostly stock Ableton plugins and completed in under day. My goal is not to bring you to perfection but to help you create a flow with your work, you can start from anywhere with anything. 







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