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  • Listing Type: Musicians Wanted
  • Category: Saxophone Player
  • Listing Location: Auckland
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  • Listed By: Pandemonium713
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Hi I am a singer looking for some other musicians to start a band with. I can sing but I don't currently play any instruments. I used to play piano and violin a long time ago and I'm trying to learn how to play again. In the mean time I'd love to team up with an electronic guitarist, saxophonist, maybe electronic keyboard? And a drummer! I am wanting to write my own songs but I welcome input and ideas - the styles of music I would like to try and incorporate are - Dark R&B/alternative/electronic/rock/Gothic rock

I like the sensuality of dark R&B kind of like the Weeknd and I love the sound of Gothic rock bands like Disturbed, Tool, Korn etc.

I don't want to have to stick with one consistent style and anyway it seems to be becoming more accepted in the music industry to not just stick to one style but yeah the styles I mentioned above are the main ones I'm interested in but I'm open to expanding my musical appreciation. 

I also need someone who is familiar with music making programs and music production. 

Text me if you're interested 0221991965



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