05:33am, 21st Sep 2020


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  • Listing Type: Musicians Wanted
  • Category: Drummer
  • Listing Location: Auckland
  • Wanted or Available: Wanted
  • Listed By: Oprahwinfury
  • Listing ID: 7840

We are a small church based in south auckland that is looking to upgrade our band . Currently we have 2 keyboardists and a few singers. 

Our songs are mainly afro-style like this https://youtu.be/_qijiRK8w7I but generally its anything gospel, we dont really do contemporary(hilsong type) all that much. 

I know a lot of church bands are volunteer based but we are open to paying. We are looking for someone who can stick around long term

if youre interested you can contact me on 0210305207 or email me at gabrilemugadza@gmail.com



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