06:36am, 25th Jun 2021
  • Listing Type: Musicians Wanted
  • Category: Drummer
  • Listing Location: Auckland
  • Wanted or Available: Wanted
  • Listed By: @#$!Poet
  • Listing ID: 8235

Hey all, my name is Andre and I am looking for people to start a band/jam with. I play rocknroll, fast & loose with occasional dark elements, my own @#$! chords & style. I'm looking for people I can grow with musically, not know it alls who think you suck for not knowing every chord or scale. In fact, if you've just picked up the drums, your my ideal candidate. I've recorded a few albums playing all instruments and vocals myself but have grown frustrated with the process. I have a ton of riffs and songs I would like to jam with other like minded musicians, taking our time to learn each others styles & vibe. Toni iommi from black sabbath said when they first got together it was complete shambles but they stuck with it and came up with a powerful original sound. If this sounds like your kind of spot, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Bands I listen to are: gunsnroses, xasthur, lynryd skynryrd, black sabbath, shining, led zeppelin, izzy stradlin, motor head, the ramones, down, Alice in chains, bathory, pink Floyd, stone temple pilots, velvet revolver, skitliv, korn, pantera.




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